Around the House

Happy Fall, Y’all: 10 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

It’s autumn, and you know what that means: falling leaves, wild weather swings and the promise of colder temperatures to come.

In Texas, fall is a great time to check some important tasks off your to-do list around the house. Not only will these quick chores help keep your home looking great and feeling comfortable this season; they’ll also ensure it’s ready for the cold months ahead.


  • At least once or twice throughout the season, clean gutters and downspouts to remove leaves and other debris. This will help prevent wood rot, gutter damage, pest infestations and other issues.
  • Make sure your exterior doors have weather stripping and all windows have intact caulking to prevent drafts and keep heating bills at a minimum.
  • Check for peeling exterior paint, which can lead to damage to the home’s siding. When necessary, touch up exterior paint. In older homes, you may have to have a professional repaint the entire exterior.
  • Scan the roof for broken, loose or missing shingles, which can cause leaks during winter storms.



  • As your lawn goes dormant, its roots are still growing deeper, making autumn a great time to put down fertilizer and/or to reseed.
  • Once the leaves turn on your trees and shrubs, do some pruning to maintain their desired shape or size and to encourage healthy growth.
  • Prep your summer yard equipment for a long winter’s nap by bringing it indoors, thoroughly cleaning items like shovels and lawn mowers, and draining fuel from all gas-powered power tools.


Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Even if you’re still using your AC—after all, this is Texas—now is a good time to ensure your heater is ready for the winter. Replace the filter for your furnace each fall. Every few years, have your ducts cleaned to improve efficiency and reduce dust in the home (especially if your family is prone to allergies).
  • As temperatures drop, change the direction of your home’s ceiling fans to pull warm air down from the ceiling.



  • If your kitchen features a double oven that often goes unused throughout the year, make sure it’s ready for holiday entertaining—before everyone arrives. Clean it thoroughly, and then run it for 10 minutes or so at 350 degrees to purge it of any cleaning residue and fumes.


As we move closer to winter and to the holiday season, we hope these to-dos will help keep your home looking its best. From everyone at Highland Homes, have a beautiful fall!