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The Heat is On: 15 Quick Tips to Summer-proof Your Home

It’s June, which means Texas temperatures will be reaching triple digits before we know it. Is your home ready for the hottest time of the year?

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s a great time to roll up your sleeves and take care of some key home maintenance tasks. These quick to-dos will help prevent many pesky problems, keep your landscaping looking fresh and also ensure that your home—and your family—stays comfortable this summer.

Pool cleaner


  • Heavy summer storms can cause damage to the exterior of a home. If you experience high winds, heavy rain or hail, be sure to closely inspect your roof, siding and fence for damage.
  • For homeowners with a pool, now is the time to ensure your oasis is clean and has adequate water. At least a week before you plan on using the pool, check to make sure your pumps are working and that your chemicals are balanced.


  • Water your lawn, trees, shrubs and other plans regularly, especially if it hasn’t rained in the last few days. Be sure to follow any applicable local ordinances, which may limit watering to certain days or hours.
  • New trees and shrubs may need extra water during the summer so their roots can get established. Be sure to hand water them for about 10-20 minutes a few times a week.

Guy using a pressure washer on courtyard with paving stone


  • Summer is a good time to pressure-wash the exterior of your home, especially if heavy rains have muddied your brick or siding. Check to see if your walkways, driveway or patio could use some cleaning as well. A power washer is the easiest way to get these clean quickly.
  • After pressure-washing your home, set aside a few hours to do some quick paint touch-ups. This is a simple task that has a big impact on the overall look of your home.
  • As the heat of the summer hits, move inside to tackle some often-neglected cleaning tasks. These include wiping down baseboards, thoroughly cleaning your sink and garbage disposal, and polishing your granite countertops.

Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Even if you leave during the day or for a weekend, keep your AC set to no higher than 85 degrees. This ensures the temperature inside your home won’t get too extreme, which can damage certain materials, such as carpets.
  • It’s time to change your AC/heating filters! As a reminder, we recommend changing your filters every four months. If you have pets or if your home is located near other houses under construction, that should be every two or three months.
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are running counterclockwise to help keep rooms cool.


  • Keep the hot weather out by maintaining your home’s windows. Summer is a good time to double check thateach window is properly sealed. Caulk any open areas. If a window has been broken or the seal is compromised, consider replacing it as soon as possible to avoid higher energy bills.


  • Keep an eye on how much rain your property receives. During periods of extreme drought, water your home’s foundation using a drip hose. Position the hose about 12-18 inches from the foundation, and water for about 30 minutes twice a week.

Painter painting baseboard molding

Interior Paint and Caulking

  • On hot days, use your time indoors to touch up interior paint. And be sure to store paint inside the house, and not in the garage, where hot temperatures will cause it to dry out quickly.
  • Your home’s caulking will naturally dry out and may crack over time. Summer is a good time for caulk touch-ups—just be sure that old caulk is completely dry before adding new caulk.


  • Take advantage of the warmer temperatures by opening your dishwasher door to speed the drying process.

We hope these tips will help you to make the very most of your time at home this summer. From everyone at Highland Homes, have a safe and happy summer!