Around the House

Spring is Here! 18 Quick To-Dos to Get Your Home Ready

A new home is one of the most important investments you’ll make, and we know you want yours to stand the test of time.

Taking care of your home can help to prevent many problems—both large and small—that can emerge over the years. With a little upkeep throughout the year, your home can remain worry-free.

With spring making an early appearance in Texas, now is a good time to go over some of the top home maintenance tips for this season. It’s especially easy to neglect certain outdoor tasks over the cool winter months, but these quick to-dos will help get you ready for the Texas heat, both inside and out.

Rake and autumn leaves in garden


  • Rake your lawn to get rid of excess leaves, branches and debris. This will help your grass bounce back faster from winter hibernation.
  • Test run your sprinkler system to ensure each sprinkler is working as it should. If you discover any problems, now is a good time to have someone fix them without having to pay peak season prices.
  • Trim any trees or large shrubs that hang over your house. This will safeguard your roof from damage, and also discourage squirrels and other critters from trying to access your attic.



  • Spring is the perfect time for a deeper clean, such as dusting chair rails and baseboards, wiping down cabinetry, washing drapes, etc. This gives your entire home a fresher feel as we emerge from winter.
  • Use a water-based cleaner, such as Bona, to thoroughly clean hardwood floors. Avoid acidic cleaners, which can eat into the finish.
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly to keep the nap raised and prevent excessive wear.



  • Clearing autumn gutter blocked with leaves by handLook for signs of damage or wear to your roof, such as cracked or missing shingles, broken fasteners or “nail pops.” It’s a good idea to get any small problems fixed now, before heavy spring rains and the heat of the summer.
  • Inspect your gutters for excess leaves, dirt or debris. Be sure to clean gutters thoroughly at least twice a year.
  • Spring-clean your windows inside and out using a window cleaner and a squeegee or soft cloth.


Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Ready your AC for the summer: Change the filter, and make sure it is running as it should. If you detect any problems, now is a good time to have a professional come check it out.
  • As the temperatures warm up, change your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise, which will help keep rooms cool.
  • Keep your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature, and never let your home’s temperature get too hot. Extreme heat can cause your carpets to stretch.



  • Keep an eye on how much rain you get. During periods of drought, water your home’s foundation using a drip hose. Position the hose about 12-18 inches from the foundation, and water for about 30 minutes twice a week.


Interior Paint and Caulking

  • Inspect your interior for paint dings. Use your builder-supplied paint kit to do touch-ups as needed.



  • Thoroughly clean Granite countertopsyour granite using a granite cleaner. Avoid multipurpose cleaners, which can damage the sealant.
  • Re-seal your granite to protect it from stains and other damage. You should re-seal granite every three to six months.


Safety Features

  • Change your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 9-volt batteries. This should be done twice a year.


Utility Room

  • Clean the dryer duct to prevent lint build-up. This should be done at least once a year, or more frequently if needed.


We hope that these tips help you to enjoy your beautiful home throughout this spring—and for many years to come.